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Data Sheet:Dionex AS50-Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished Dionex AS50 automated sampler (AS 50) with sample syringe unit.(prep capable) (available part numbers: 056531, 056855, 56859, & 054244) OPTIONAL: Sample temperature control unit, Chromatography Compartment & AS50 thermal compartment. May be available as part of the Dionex DX-500 HPLC system and as a stand-alone unit.

* Tray Temperature Control, Sample capacity - 49 × 10 mL or 100 × 1.5 mL
* Number of injections 1-99 per vial
* Variable volume range 1-100 µL in 0.1-µL, 100-1000 µL in 1-µL increments
* PEEK Rheodyne with Tefzel® rotor seal injection valve
* Temperature Control Range 4 °C to 60 °C in 1 °C increments at 24 °C (75 °C) ambient, stable to ± 0.2 °C

Please contact us for complete Dionex DX500 HPLC system, warranty and service contract details. (Dionex HPLC)