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Avance 500 Long Hold

Avance 500 Long Hold
Manufacturer: Bruker


Data Sheet: Bruker 500 Data Sheet.pdf

Shielded Bruker Avance 500 nmr spectrometer complete with 500 Mhz broadband console, choice of probe, Ultrashield Bruker 500MHz 54mm long hold time magnet with anti-vibration legs and Topspin 2.1 PC workstation. OPTIONAL: NMR Case assembly, PA BBI 500SB H-BB-D-05 Z, PA TXI 500SB H-C/N-D-01 Z BTO. 

Bruker QCQ –CPU/9-AQX-ECL62-TCU1/4- AQX ECL04-TCU1/4- AQX ECL21-FCU2- AQX ECL24- FCU3-- AQX ECL24-GCU-- AQX ECL01-RCU1/1- AQX ECL06 PTS BSMS/2 CPU/3 -BSMS-ECL00-2H-TX-500-900- BSMS/2-ECL01- SLCB- BSMS/2-ECL01-GAB- BSMS-ECL01-SCB13L-18BIT- BSMS/2-ECL00-SCB13M-18BIT- BSMS/2-ECL00- SCB13R-18BIT- BSMS/2-ECL00-LCB- BSMS-ECL07-L-TX 500- BSMS-ECL04-L-RX 500- BSMS-ECL01 HADC/2- AQR-ECL01-RX22-LOT- AQR-ECL02-ASU D- AQR-ECL03-ROUTER 3/5-E- AQR-ECL01-ACB- AQR-ECL04 BLAXH300/50 500-600MHZ- BSMS/2- BVT3200 TEP UNIT BVT3200- BSMS/2-ECL02- PNK3- BSMS/2-ECL00 PSB3- AQR-ECL00-PSB2- AQR-ECL01-PSB1- AQR-ECL01-PSD1 Please contact us for complete Bruker Avance 500 refurbished/used nmr spectrometer system, warranty and service contract details (Bruker NMR).

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