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NMR Parts
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*Bruker Upper Barrel
*Bruker 300 P/N: Z002510 1H 300 HP Preamplifier
*Bruker 300 P/N: Z002665 X-BB (19F-2HP) HP – Preamplifier
*Bruker HPPR 2H PREAMP MODULE 300 (Z002511)
*RT Shim SC 500 1-9 N
*Nalorac Z-Spec Pulse Tune Driver (p/n 958031A 958030A PT500- 2A (1H)
*Hewlett Packard 7550 Plus nmr plotter/printer
*LNa Sensor
*RT Shim
*Varian Upper Barrel (p/n 948003-06)
*Blow- out Tube
*500 Unity Filter (p/n HR 375-11BBM)
*500 Unity Filter (p/n NR 76-75-10-4BBM)
*500 Unity Filter (p/n LR 280-11BBM)
*500 Unity Filter (p/n LR 57- 15BB)
*500 Unity Filter (p/n WR 96- 215-15-11BB)
*500 Unity Filter (p/n BE 500-80- 8BB)
*500 Unity Filter (p/n LE 250- 13BBM)
*500 Unity Filter (p/n BE 135-35-BB)
*500 Unity Filter (p/n BE 77- 10- 8BB)
*Receiver Board p/n 99305004
*Sun Java Studio CD (p/n 724-2779-01)
*Sun Work Shop for Solaris 2.X CD (p/n724-2866-01)
*Varian NMR Instruments Vnmr Software CD (p/n 01-905005-00)
*Solaris manuals

Please note that if you do not see a part number listed, please contact us as we may have it in-stock.