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Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer


Lambda 35 Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished Perkin Elmer Lambda 35 UV VIS Spectrometer (p/n L600000C). OPTIONAL: Peltier Temperature Programmer (PTP1/PTP-1) (p/n PTP 1X0) & PC with software. Range : 190 - 1100 nm. Bandwidth : 0.5 - 4 nm (variable). Modes Of Operation : scanning, wavelength program, time-drive, rate, quant, scanning quant. Choose the Lambda 35 for measurements on liquids, solids, pastes and powder samples, also regulatory tests requiring variable resolution. The variable bandwidth operation allows sensitive measurements with accessories such as integrating spheres and fiber-optics probes, extending the range of samples that can be analyzed. Please contact us for complete Perkin Elmer UV-Visible spectrophotometer system details.

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