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Refurbished Biotech Equipment

Refurbished  Biotech Equipment
Manufacturer: Various


Refurbished & Certified Biotech Lab Equipment from IET. IET refurbishes and certifies used biotech systems to meet manufacturer's specifications. Ask about installation, service contracts and leasing. Please contact us for complete used and refurbished biotech lab equipment system, warranty and service contract details. VIEW ALL BIOTECH>


*Refurbished Illumina Hiseq 4000>
*Refurbished Illumina Hiseq 2500 v4>
*Refurbished Illumina Miseq v2 chemistry>

Immediate Availability
*Bruker Autoflex III>
*Hiseq 2000>
*RC3BP+ Centrifuge>
& many more refurbished biotechnology lab equipment systems! VIEW OUR COMPLETE BIOTECH LAB INVENTORY>

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