Thermo AA Lamps

Thermo AA Lamps
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Manufacturer:  Thermo

Thermo AA Atomic Absorption Lamps

*Thermo Hollow Cathode 15 Ma Fe (p/n 9423-390-30261)
*Thermo Hollow Cathode 5 Ma Cu (p/n 9423-390-30291)
*Thermo Hollow Cathode (p/n 14-386-101P) (Gold; Gas Fill: Neon [HC TUBE GOLD])
Hollow Cathode (p/n 14-386-104AA) (Bismuth; Gas Fill: Neon [LAMP 2" BISMUTH])
*Thermo Hollow Cathode 15 Ma Pd (p/n 9423-390-30461)
*Thermo Hollow Cathode 10 Ma Pb (p/n 9423-390-30821)
*Thermo Hollow Cathode 10 Ma Ti (p/n 9423-390-30811)
*Thermo Hollow Cathode 15 Ma Ni (p/n 9423-390-30281)
*Thermo Hollow Cathode 10 Ma Au (p/n 9423-390-30791)
*Thermo Hollow Cathode Lamp 15 Ma Co (p/n 9423-390-30271)
*Thermo Hollow Cathode Lamp (Cd)  (p/n 942339030481)
*Thermo Hollow Cathode Lamp  (Pb) (p/n 942339030821) (14-386-101F)
Available for sale as part of the Thermo S Series AA system or individually. Please contact us for complete details.