Mettler AX205

Mettler AX205
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Manufacturer:  Mettler

Mettler AX 205 Analytical Balance. OPTIONAL: Mettler Toledo LC-P45 printer, Mettler Toledo balance check weights (available part numbers: 3945-CW & 5173).

Maximum load: 220 g
Readability: 0.01 mg
Repeatability at full load: 0.03 mg
Repeatability at gross load: 0.015 mg
Linearity: 0.1 mg
Eccentric load deviation at 1/2 maximum capacity: 0.25 mg
Sensitivity offset: 1.5x10^-6
Sensitivity temperature drift: 0.001%/C
Sensitivity stability: 0.001%/a
Weighing time typical: 12s
Interface update rate: 7 /s
Balance dimensions: 241X505X293
Usable height of draft shield: 240 mm
Size of weighing pan: 80 x 80

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