Bio-rad iCycler

Bio-rad iCycler
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Manufacturer:  Bio-Rad

Data Sheet: My iQ Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished Bio-rad iCycler Single-Color Real Time PCR Detection System complete with MyiQ optical module, Tungsten Halogen Lamp, 12-Bit CCD camera, HP Pentium IV PC (3 GHz Speed, 512MB RAM, 80G Harddrive) including Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1, Microsoft Office, and Optical System Software version 1.0.410.

Excitation range: 475-495 nm
Light source: Tungsten halogen lamp
Optical detection: 12-bit CCD camera
Detection range: 515-545 nm
Gradient range: 40-100°C

The iCycler Bio rad thermal cycler provides optimum performance for PCR and other thermal cycling techniques. Incorporating a Peltier-driven heating and cooling design, the iCycler delivers rapid heating and cooling performance. Rigorous testing of thermal block temperature accuracy, uniformity, consistency and heating/cooling rates ensures reliable and reproducible results.

The MyiQ Optical Module, builds upon the strengths of the iCycler thermal cycler, and provides an easy and efficient means for single-color experimentation. The CCD detector allows for simultaneous imaging of all 96 wells. This results in a comprehensive data set illustrating the behavior of the reactions during each cycle. Simultaneous image collection ensures that well-to-well data may be compared reliably. The MyiQ system reports data on the PCR in progress in real-time, allowing immediate feedback on reaction success. All of these features found in the MyiQ system hardware were built to promote reliability and flexibility. Please contact us for complete warranty, service contract and used/refurbished Biorad my iQ (Bio rad myiQ) system details.