Biorobot 9600

Biorobot 9600
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Manufacturer:  Qiagen

Qiagen BioRobot 9600 Multifunctional Automated Laboratory Workstation. Power: 100-120/220-240V, 50/60Hz; Interface: RS232, s/n:A1638A39489. Please contact us for complete system, warranty and service contract details. 

The BioRobot 9600 is a laboratory workstation designed especially for the automation of routine applications in general molecular biology research laboratories and core facilities.

  • Automated, standardized procedures for molecular biology
  • Cross-contamination free liquid handling
  • Ready-to-run protocols for optimized processing
  • One reliable source for hardware, software, chemistry, and support.


The BioRobot 9600 is a complete system for automating routine molecular biology tasks. Ready-to-run protocols are available for nucleic acid purification, reaction setup (PCR, sequencing, restriction digestion), PCR product cleanup, agarose-gel loading, and sample rearray. Additional protocols can be created with the easy-to-use QIAsoft Operating System.