Microfuge 22R

Microfuge 22R
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Manufacturer:  Beckman

Data Sheet: Microfuge 22R Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished Beckman Microfuge 22R (p/n 368826) with F241.5p rotor. Temperature range: –10 to 40°C (14 to 104°F). Max speed: 14,000 rpm adjustable in 500 rpm increments. Max g force: 21,920Xg. Max capacity: 30 X2.0 mL.  (F241.5P Rotor, Fixed Angle, Polypropylene, with Sealed Rotor Lid, 24 x 2.0 mL, 14,000 rpm, 17,500 x g)

The quiet, space-saving Microfuge 22R provides high g-forces, refrigeration and a wide  selection of rotors for versatile pelleting of DNA, RNA, proteins and virus cell isolation. It accelerates and decelerates from set speed  quickly and smoothly (18 second accel/19 second decel). The LCD display shows  set and actual run conditions in rpm and rcf, as well as the elapsed time on the 30-minute timer. Features both a HOLD button and PULSE option. Benchtop Microfuge 22R microcentrifuge is ideal for life science research, including virus cell isolation and optimized pelleting of DNA, RNA, and protein. A brushless induction drive offers maintenance-free, quiet operation, with 18-second acceleration and 19-second deceleration to/from maximum speed. Digital display shows set and actual run conditions in time, rpm/RCF, and temperature. Operations can be set to timed, hold, or pulse (short run). Interchangeable fixed angle rotors are autoclavable at 121°C (250°F), except for F241.5P (BK367187), which is autoclavable at 118°C (244°F). CFC-free refrigerant. Please contact us for complete Beckman micro centrifuge details.