Olympus AU640

Olympus AU640
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Manufacturer:  Olympus

Olympus AU640 chemistry analyzer. Fully automated, for routine, STAT, urine and homogeneous immunoassays. Olympus standardizes chemistry immuno testing from 400 to 6,600 tests per hour for low to very high volume laboratories. This translates to higher productivity, increased efficiency and greater cost savings for your lab. Please contact us for complete Olympus chemistry analyzer details.

*Up to 800 photometric tests per hour and up to 1200 tests per hour with electrolytes
*Immediate STAT interrupt with HCFA basic metabolic eight test panel results available within five minutes
*Walk away design saves operator time
*Automated reagent handling
*Precision engineering for reliability and accuracy
*Programmable start-up Maintenance
*Reaction Time: 8 min , 40 seconds
*Sample Volume: 5 to 50 µL
*Throughput: 800 samples/hr maximum of 1,200 with ISE