Olympus BHS

Olympus BHS
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Manufacturer:  Olympus

Refurbished Olympus BHS microscope (BH2 series research-level microscope) with Binocular WK 10X 20L, phase contrast option, 3 eye pieces, and DP12 digital camera. OPTIONAL: DP12-BSW software v.01.02 (Microscope factor 300,000 for 100X oil) 1. SPlan100PL, 1.25 oil, 160/0.17 2. SPlan40 PL, 0.70, 160/0.17 3. SPlan10PL, 0.30, 160/0.17. OPTIONAL: Olympus 45-LBD-IF.

The 160 millimeter tube length optics are configured for Köhler illumination when coupled to LB series objectives and the extensive line of substage condensers. Standard equipment on this microscope includes 10x widefield high eyepoint eyepieces having a field number of 20, precentered halogen lamps, aspherical collector lenses, and fully enclosed light paths designed to exclude dirt and dust. Auxiliary components for the microscope include photo eyepieces, an automatic exposure photomicrography system, and a wide range of objectives covering the entire range of correction and magnification. In addition, both mechanical and circular stages are offered as binocular and trinocular observation tubes. Contrast enhancing equipment includesphase contrast, differential interference contrast, darkfield, fluorescence, and polarized light.

The DP12 is a 3.34 Megapixel camera utilizing a 1/1.8" CCD allowing image acquisition with 2048 x 1536 pixels of resolution. The sleek new DP12 is ergonomic, compact, and is engineered for use as both a stand-alone camera or to be interfaced to a PC, offering maximum flexibility.

OPTIONAL: The high resolution 3.5" tilting 200,000 pixel color LCD monitor is integrated into the separate compact control unit for easier, accurate focusing and framing allowing the display of 16 images at once. The handset control unit comes outfitted with a USB port for high-speed image transfer to a PC and direct video output (NTSC) for viewing the image on a video monitor. From biological to materials science applications, the DP12 is the new compact solution for professional digital imaging in microscopy. Please contact us for more Olympus BH-2 Microscope and DP 12 camera details.