Sorvall RT 6000B

Sorvall RT 6000B
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Manufacturer:  Thermo Sorvall

Refurbished Thermo Sorvall RT 6000B centrifuge complete with H1000B Four-Position Swing-Bucket Rotor (3600 MAX rev/min), Sorvall swinging platform p/n 11093, Sorvall/Dupont swinging carrier p/n 11065, Sorvall/Dupont swinging carrier p/n 11116, (8) Dupont swinging buckets p/n 11053, Sorvall 4 position insert p/n 00830, (2) Sorvall 1 position insert p/n 00186, (5) Sorvall 35 position insert p/n 00836 (12X75mm test tube rotor), and (7) Sorvall 10 position insert p/n 00845. Operating temperature range: -5°C to +25°C. Maximum Speed of 6,000 rpm (rotor dependent). Maximum Force of 5,000 x g (rotor dependent)

The RT 6000B is a classic table-top refrigerated centrifuge that is suitable for all lower speed large tube number applications such as spinning 15ml and 50ml conical tubes. The RT6000B centrifuge features a see-through chamber door that allows rotor calibration and visual inspection of a run in progress. The rotor chamber lid is counterbalanced for easy opening and safe closing. The lid latch is locked manually by turning the door release knob counterclockwise, then spinning preventing the chamber lid from being opened during operation. In addition, a slow-start feature allows slow, smooth acceleration from 0 to 500 rpm. Please contact us for complete Thermo/Sorvall RT 6000B (RT6000B) centrifuge details.