Steritest Compact

Steritest Compact
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Manufacturer:  Millipore

Data Sheet: Millipore Steritest Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished Millipore Steritest Compact (m/n TCPU11560). The Steritest Compact Pump is a uniquely designed peristaltic pump used with Steritest canisters for sterility testing a variety of products. With the Steritest closed system, environmental contamination is eliminated, reducing the risk of false positive results. The broad capabilities of the Steritest canister sets make it possible to test a wide variety of products including:

  • large- and small-volume parenteral solutions in glass or plastic bottles, collapsible bags, ampoules, and vials
  • prefilled syringes
  • lyophilized and other soluble products in ampoules and vials
  • antibiotics in ampoules or vials
  • medical devices
  • difficult-to-dissolve powders.

Product is transferred directly from the container being tested through sterile tubing, which splits the product into equal portions, to the Steritest canisters without exposure to air-borne contaminants. In the canisters, any microorganisms present in the sample are captured on a microporous membrane. Appropriate media is then pumped into each canister separately to promote growth of the captured organisms. After media addition, the canisters are incubated and then examined for contamination in accordance with European, U.S. and other international pharmacopoeias. Please contact us for complete peristaltic pump details.