Typhoon 9400

Typhoon 9400
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Manufacturer:  Typhoon

Refurbished Amersham Biosciences/GE Healthcare Typhoon 9400 variable mode imager complete with blue laser module, PC, Typhoon scanner control software, and ImageQuant software. OPTIONAL: Amersham Biosciences Ettan DALTsix Electrophoresis Unit, GE 2D DALT system, Image Eraser with phosphor screen, & DeCyder 5.02 software. Please contact us for complete system and warranty details. 

Typhoon is a highly sensitive variable-mode gel imager that meets the exacting demands of 2-D DIGE technology, offering premium performance and quality. The Typhoon 9400 series unites the ability to detect an extensive variety of fluors with proven storage phosphor autoradiography technology and direct imaging of chemiluminescence.

In addition to 2-D DIGE, Typhoon can also be used for DNA, RNA, and other protein applications. When one of the five scanning modes is selected, the appropriate optical components are automatically activated. Typhoon exhibits outstanding linearity and quantitative accuracy, and includes ImageQuant image analysis software.

*Red Light | 632.8 nm | Helium - Neon Laser
*Green Light | 532 nm | Solid State doubled frequency SYAG laser
*Blue Light | 488 nm | Argon Ion Laser
*Blue Light | 457 nm | Argon Ion Laser

*520 nm band pass | Cy2, ECL Plus, Fluorescein
*555 nm band pass | R6G, HEX
*580 nm band pass | Cy3, Tamra
*610 nm band pass | Sypro Ruby, ethidium bromide
*670 nm band pass | Cy5
*526 nm short pass | Fluorescein
*560 nm long pass | TRITC