VWR Clinical 100

VWR Clinical 100
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Manufacturer:  VWR

Data Sheet: VWR Clinical 100 Data Sheet.pdf

Like-new VWR Clinical 100 centrifuge (only 5 months of usage) (available part numbers: C0060-VWR & 97011-432) The Clinical 100 is pictured above with the New Brunswick Innova U101 -86C degree freezer. 

For Serum and Plasma Studies. High speed: up to 6,500 rpm/4,000 g. Digital speed and time control. Safety lock - prevents lid from opening when rotor is in motion. Supplied complete with rotor The VWR Clinical 100 centrifuge has been designed for performing blood and other basic  separations. Supplied complete with rotor, it accepts 15 mL conical and 10 mL (16 x 100 mm) tubes directly and smaller tubes with optional adapters. With variable speed control in increments of 100 rpm, the centrifuge is ideal for a wide variety of applications including producing platelet rich plasma (PRP) for agglutination studies, urine sedimentation, preparation of chemistry analyte samples, and pelleting of cultures. The high speed capabilities (up to 6,500 rpm) allow for quick production of platelet poor plasma (PPP) for coagulation studies. The optional combination tube adapters are suitable for centrifuging 5 mL (12 x 75 mm) and 7 mL (13 x 100 mm) tubes. At the beginning of a run, the safety lid lock engages and prevents the centrifuge from being opened until the rotor has come to a complete stop. The Clinical 100 Centrifuge is just 8¼" wide, fitting easily on a crowded bench. The molded housing is easy to wipe clean. Speed: 300 rpm - 6,500 rpm. Maximum RCF: 4,000 x g. Maximum capacity: 6 x 15 mL conical. Timer: 0.5 to 30 minutes or continuous. Dimensions: 21 x 24 x 18 cm. Weight: 4.75 kg Please contact us for complete VWR centrifuge details.