YSI 2700

YSI 2700
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Manufacturer:  YSI Life Sciences

Data Sheet: YSI 2700 Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished YSI 2700 SELECT Biochemistry Analyzer. (p/n 2700D, 2700M & 2700S available) For bioprocessing, food and beverage, and biofuels applications.

* Little or no sample preparation
* Aspirates 25 µL in most applications
* One-minute result displayed, printed and stored
* Mix and match up to two chemistry combinations
* Automatic calibration and automatic clearing of sample to waste
* Small footprint (about 1 square foot of bench space)
* Optional 24-position turntable or monitoring/control assembly available

Please contact us for complete bio chemistry analyzer system, warranty and service contract details. (YSI 2700D, YSI 2700M & YSI 2700S)