Thermo Smart Saga

Thermo Smart Saga
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Manufacturer:  Thermo

Data Sheet: Smart Saga Data Sheet.pdf

New-in-the-box Thermo Smart Saga (p/n 0033-199) compatible with Thermo Nicolet Nexus 470/670/870/4700/6700/8700 & all the Avatar models (360, 370, 380) iS10, iS50Thermo Scientific Smart SAGA is ideal for grazing incidence analysis of sub-micron films on metallic substrates. The Smart SAGA (Specular Apertured Grazing Angle) is extremely easy and delivers superior performance with great sample area discrimination. Simply lay the sample flat on the horizontal sampling serve, position it using the laser-engraved grid, if desired, turn the wheel to set the aperture size, and scan. Grazing angle reflectance is the technique of choice for analyzing thin coatings or deposits because the high angle of incidence increases the pathlength of the infrared beam through the material of interest, significantly enhancing sensitivity. Monolayer sensitivity is achievable due to the high angle of incidence and selective polarization. Please contact us for complete Nicolet FT-IR (FTIR) spectrometer parts details.