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6890N (G1530N)

6890N (G1530N)
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Manufacturer:  Agilent

Data Sheet: 6890N Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished Agilent G1530N 6890N network gas chromatograph (GC). Customize 6890 with your choice of detectors and injectors: single FID, dual FID, single split/splitless capillary with EPC, & dual split splitless injectors. OPTIONAL: Agilent G2613A 7683 Series auto-injector and G2614A 7683 Series 100-position autosampler tray with cable, Parker Analytical System hydrogen generator, gas regulators, GC columns, Agilent Chemstation complete with single GC software license.

The Agilent 6890N GC provides superior performance for all applications due to its use of advanced electronic pneumatics control (EPC) and extremely accurate temperature control. Each EPC module is optimized for its intended use. Overall thermal performance provides optimal chromatography including peak symmetry, retention time repeatability, and retention index accuracy, while allowing for fast GC. The combination of precise pneumatic control and accurate temperature control leads to outstanding retention time repeatability, the basis for all chromatographic measurement.

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