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G1888 headspace autosampler

G1888 headspace autosampler
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Manufacturer:  Agilent

Refurbished Agilent G1888 headspace autosampler. The refurbished G1888A Network Headspace Sampler provides an automated method to run up to 70 samples consecutively without operator attention. The sampler’s microprocessor optimizes the time spent for each run according to the values programmed in by the operator. Up to four different methods can be stored and used to analyze a series of samples. The Headspace Sampler can also do multiple headspace extraction (MHE) using multiple septum punctures, with up to 100 extractions per sample. MHE can also be used to automate optimization routines. A second method of MHE named the CONC mode is available. CONC mode allows sample concentration at the head of the column for trace analysis. Please contact us for complete refurbished and used Agilent G1888A instrument and warranty details.