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Tekmar LSC-2000

Tekmar LSC-2000
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Manufacturer:  Tekmar

Tekmar LSC 2000 purge and trap (model 14-2000-000) with user's manual. OPTIONAL: Cryofocusing Module (m/n 14-2530-000)

  • Furnace: Ambient to 400°C, rise rate approximately 200°C/min.
  • Traps: 0.123" ± 0.002" O.D. ´ 12" long ´ 0.010" wall thickness stainless steel.
  • Samplers: 5 or 25 ml sampler volume.
  • Valving: Motor-actuated 6-port valve contained in oven for purge and desorb cycles, variable ambient to 300°C.

Please contact for complete Tekmar LCS 2000 purge and trap details.