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Trace Ultra GCxGC + Triplus

Trace Ultra GCxGC + Triplus
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Manufacturer:  Thermo Finnigan

Refurbished Thermo Finnigan Trace Ultra GCxGC gas chromatograph (p/n K2B33B000006000) complete with Thermo Triplus autosampler (p/n TP032123100000), Thermo Triplus HS injector (p/n TP112/19050330), Triplus key terminal (p/n 02HP2247) and PC workstation.

Based on orthogonal separation principles, comprehensive GCxGC increases separation power by over a factor of 10 with respect to conventional chromatography. By virtue of this characteristic, this technique not only simplifies sample preparation procedures but also provides higher sensitivity, becoming the most suitable solution for the analysis of target compounds in complex matrices, as well as for detailed sample characterization.Please contact us for complete Thermo Trace Ultra GCxGC system, warranty and service contract details.