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Manufacturer:  Dionex

Refurbished Dionex AS3500 inert variable loop autosampler with column oven. Previously TSP-Thermo Separations Products Spectra Systems

*Automated sample preparation
*Micro-robotic operation
*120-vial capacity with random vial access
*Re-use of calibration standards
*PC-based control available
*Numerous integrated options available
*Optimum sensitivity and selectivity with Thermo Electron columns

*Vial capacity: 120 vials; 105 vials with temperature-controlled tray
*Injection precision/variable volume: <0.5% RSD @ 10 micro L
*Injection variable volume: 0.1-100 micro L injections standard up to 1500 micro L injections with larger loops and syringe
*Sample carryover: typically <0.01% at 400 micro L flush volume

Please contact us for complete Dionex AS 3500 HPLC instrument, warranty and service contract details. (Dionex HPLC)