Acquity Parts

Acquity Parts
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Waters Acquity UPLC Parts
*Waters Parts KIT (p/n 205000263)
*Waters Parts ASSY. Column Estabilizer, HPFT (p/n 289003129)
*Waters Parts ASSY. FRIT, 0.2um 2.1 mm (p/n 289002078)
*Waters connector (available part numbers: 323000446 & 323000447)
*Waters Parts Fuse 5A250V 5X20mm BLO IEC VDE CSA UL (p/n 330000118)
*Waters Parts Fuse 10ª 250V 5X20mm Fast IEC VDE CSA UL (p/n 330000122)
*Waters Parts Tool Collet Separator HPFT (p/n 400001829)
*Waters Parts Union .020 ID, V- Detail (p/n 405003460)
*Waters Parts Sleeve, 2ML Vial (p/n 405003778)
*Waters WAT027629 safety syringe
*Waters 700002656 acquity heater/cooler engine
*Waters Quality Parts Foot Rubber .75 Diameter X .28 Tall  (p/n 410001724)
*Waters Quality Parts Ferrule Peek 1/16 HPFT (p/n 415000786)
*Waters Quality Parts Filter (p/n 425000536)
*Waters Quality Parts Tubing 375 OD X .250 ID TYGON 2075 (p/n 430000604)
*Waters Quality Parts Tubing 187 OD X .062 ID Pharmed (p/n 430001010)
*Waters Quality Parts ASSY. Tube Inject outlet HPFT (p/n 430001084)
*Waters Quality Parts Tubing 156 OD X .031 ID Pharmed (p/n 430001195)
*Waters Quality Parts ASSY. Tube Inject outlet HPFT (p/n 430001221)
*Waters Quality Parts ASSY. Tube M/S Inlet (p/n 430001229)
*Waters Quality Parts Tube ASSY, System outlet SDS .010 ID (p/n 430001486)
*Waters Quality Parts Tube ASSY, Inlet .0025 ID Peek Nut PDA (p/n 430001783)
*Waters Quality Parts Tube ASSY, Inlet .004 ID LT Peek Nut PDA (p/n 430001784)
*Waters Quality Parts Tube ASSY, Pump Outlet .010 ID (p/n 430002417)
*Waters Quality Parts ASSY, Cable Autosampler & Elevator GRND (p/n 441000504)
*Waters Quality Parts Econofilter Syringe  Filter (p/n 5064-8240)
*700005347 cartridge heater for ceramic block (extra from Xevo TQD)
*430001571 assy, capillary tubing with frit 40uX16"

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