Alltech 626 pump

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Manufacturer:  Alltech

Refurbished Alltech 626 HPLC pump. The Alltech 626 high performance isocratic or binary pump has a flow range of 0.001 to-12 mL per minute and has pressure monitoring. It is suitable for standard and microflow HPLC applications. It has a dual-piston mechanism for pulse-free operation, built-in low dead volume pulse dampener, and self-flushing pump head for longer seal life. The Model 626 Pump is a rugged and reliable component for a basic analytical system, a sophisticated method development system, or for general laboratory or industrial use. It is available in either traditional 316 stainless steel or biocompatible PEEK. Buy a single 626 Pump for isocratic applications. Add a second 626 pump for high-pressure binary gradients. Please contact us for complete refurbished and used Alltech HPLC pump instrument and warranty details.