Demo 1100/1200

Demo 1100/1200
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Manufacturer:  Agilent

Agilent 1100/1200 Series DEMO Modules 

*Agilent 1100 G1382A capillary pump
*Agilent 1100 Series G1315C diode-array detector
*Agilent 1100 thermostatted micro WPS G1378A
*Agilent 1100 thermostatted micro autosampler G1387A
*Agilent 1200 G1362A RID
*Agilent 1200 G1379B micro vacuum degasser
*Agilent 1200 G1312A binary pump
*Agilent 1200 G1367D SL high performance autosampler
*Agilent G4271-CTC analytics HTS Pal autosampler

These are like-new demo units from Agilent in original factory packaging. Please contact us for complete Agilent demo modules, warranty and service contract details. (Demo Agilent 1100/Demo Agilent 1200)