Dionex Ultimate 3000 XRS UHPLC

Dionex Ultimate 3000 XRS UHPLC
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Manufacturer:  Dionex

Refurbished Dionex Ultimate 3000 XRS UHPLC complete with Dionex Ultimate 3000RS pump (5040.0046 HPF-3400RS), Dionex Utlimate 3000 XRS open autosampler (MXY013-03A), peltier thermostat MN03-01, Thermo OAS-3300TXRS 5845.0010, Thermo Scientific MB01-01A controller for autosampler, Dionex Ultimate 3000 SRD-3600 5035.9230, Dionex Ultimate 3000 DAD-3000 diode array detector 5082.0010, Dionex Ultimate 3000 RS column compartment TCC-3000RS 5730.0000. Up to 2mL/min. flow rate supports up to 125 MPa (18250 psi/1250 bar) backpressure for fast and highly resolving column technologies. Pictured above with the Thermo Q Exactive Plus.

6040.2225 Thermo Scientific Viper  (IDxL 0.10*250mm Viper SST), 6040.2320 Thermo Scientific Viper  (IDxL 0.13*750mm Viper SST), 00F-4336-E0 Phenomenex (SynerGi 4U POLAR-RP 80A)  150x 4.60mm 4 micron, 00B-4251-B0 Luna 3U C18(2) 100A, New Column 50x2.0 mm, 00F-4424-E0 Phenomenex (SynerSi 4U Fusion-RP 80A)  150x 4.60mm 4 micron, 00F-4251-B0 Luna 3U C18(2) 100A, New Column 150x2.0 mm, 00F-4495-AN Kinetex 2.6u Phenyl-Hexyl 100A,New Column 150x2.1 mm, 00B-4496-AN Kinetex 2.6u XB-C18 100A 50x2.10mm

The Thermo Scientific UltiMate 3000 Open Sampler XRS system is designed for exceptionally high throughput and ultra-high resolution chromatography. As a front end for LC/MS setups, it provides flexibility, excellent peak sharpness and a very large sample capacity. Featuring a high-end quaternary UHPLC solvent delivery module, it delivers faster gradient responses than many binary systems and supports very long, sub-2µm particle size columns for ultra-high resolution experiments in complex or poorly characterized samples. Please contact us for complete refurbished/used Dionex UHPLC system, warranty and service contract details.