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Manufacturer:  Agilent

Refurbished Agilent G1968D active splitter with power supply. (M/N MRA100-000-AG2) (Rheodyne MRA 100) The MRA is an active splitting device that provides user programmable LC/MS split ratios from 100:1 to 100,000:1 in a single device. With this tool, users are provided with accurate and consistent split ratios that are independent of changes in temperature, mobile phase viscosity, and tubing length. 

HPLC flow splitters are often used to couple mass spectrometers to liquid chromatographs to reduce the amount and concentration of sample delivered to a mass spectrometer. This is especially useful in automated systems to avoid unwanted MS inlet overload. Splitting is also required for applications in which a second detector or a fraction collector device is used parallel to the MS. LC/MS flow splitting is typical for example, in the automated analysis of combinatorial libraries, drug metabolites, and the characterization of impurities. Please contact us for complete Agilent HPLC instrument details. (MRA100-000-AG)