HPLC Columns

HPLC Columns
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Manufacturer:  Agilent

*Michrom Magic C18AQ 3u 200A 0.1X150mm (p/n CP 3/61271/00)
*AQUA SIL C18 250X 4.6 (p/n 255-775)
*TSK Gel (p/n 07125)
*YMC- HPLC ODS- AQ 303 (p/n 042510605)
*Thermo Kromasil C18 (p/n 56105-254630)
*Phenomenex Luna 3u C18 (2) (p/n 00D-4251-E0)
*Column Bio-Rad Criterion Blotter
*Agilent Zorbax Eclipse X DB- C8 (p/n 993967-906)
*Column AQUA SIL C18 (p/n 255-775)
*Column Phenomenex Luna 3u C18 (p/n 000-4251-E0)
*TOSOH TSK Gel Guard SW 6.0mm ID X4.0cm, 7Μm Column (p/n 08543)
*TOSOH TSK Gel G3000SW 7.8mm ID X 30cm, 5μm Column (p/n 08541)
*YMC- HPLC Columns AMQ-303 5Μm, 20nm 250X 4.6mm I.D. (p/n 042582668)
*Waters Bio Suite C18PA-B 3.5μm 2.1X150mm Column (p/n 186002435)
*Waters Spherisorb 5μm Silica 4.6X250mm Analytical Column (p/n PSS830115)
*Waters Spherisorb 5μm 0DS2 4.6X250mm Analytical Column  (p/n PSS831915)
*Waters X Terra MS C18 3.5Μm 2.1X50mm Column (p/n 186003515)
*Thermo Bio Basic AX Column Dim (mm) 50X4.6 (p/n 73105-054630)
*Cogent HPLC Column UDC Cholesterol- 4um 100A (p/n 69069-15P-2)
*Waters Symmetry 300™ C18 5μm 2.1X150mm Column (p/n WAT106172)
*Agilent HPLC Columns Analytical 4.6X 150mm 5-Micron (p/n 993967-902)
*Waters Bio Suite™ C18 PA-A 3μ 2.1 X 150mm Column (p/n 186002427)

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