HPLC Parts

HPLC Parts
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Manufacturer:  Dionex

*Dionex Poly Vial Filter Caps for 5.0ml Vials (p/n 038009)
*Dionex/Thermo Ultimate 3000 VWD-3400RS optics (p/n 6074.1010) for parts
*Dionex Syringe, 1000μl, WPS-3000 (p/n 6822.0005)
*ITT Pomona Electronics Cable Assembly (p/n 2249-C72)
*Assy, Tubing, W/FTG 12IN (p/n 035936)
*FLTR, Slip- ON,  20μ HDPE (p/n 038260)
*Slider, Valve, 3- Way, BF 2 (p/n 038647)
*PORT Face, Valve, BF (p/n 038599)
*Body, Check Valve, GPM (p/n 038268)
*Union, ¼ -28X ¼ - 28, 02 (p/n 039296)
*Assy. Thermo flare Tube, 012X4 (p/n 039335)
*Assy. Thermo flare Tube, 012X8 (p/n 039336)
*B-D 1ml Syringe (p/n 309602)
*B-D 5ml Syringe (p/n 309603)
*Assy, Needle Seal, RV- 1/ MIV (p/n 041263)
*Assy, Damper, Valve, GPM-2 (p/n  041266)
*Assy. Thermo flare Tube, 012X5 (p/n 041546)
*Assy, BKPRESS, 4mm, SRS (p/n 045877)
*Ion Pac® AG11-HC Guard 4X50mm (p/n 052962)
*New & used Dionex Disposable Electrode Carbohydrate Certified (p/n 060139)

Please note that if you do not see a part number listed, please contact us as we may have it in-stock. (Dionex Parts-Dionex HPLC)