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Manufacturer:  Shimadzu

Refurbished Shimadzu SIL-30AC UHPLC autosampler (p/n 228-45157-32) set for high pressure applications (130Mpa) (19,000psi). Pictured with Shimadzu Rack Changer II Nexera (p/n 228-45164-32) & DGU-20A5 (p/n 228-45019-43). 

The total-volume injection SIL-30AC autosampler features a pressure tolerance of 130 MPa as well as the world’s fastest sample injection (10 seconds), which dramatically reduces the total cycle time. It includes auto pretreatment and overlapping functions as standard, and an optional loop-injection method configuration to minimize delay volume. With reduction of the needle contact area, special coatings, surface treatments, and a new needle seal, the SIL-30AC reaches a new level of low carryover performance, which is especially beneficial for LCMSMS analysis. In addition, the included sample cooler features a dehumidifier function for storing samples at a constant temperature between 4°C and 40°C. The rackchanger unit replaces the microplates on autosampler racks to enable samples to be continuously analyzed . It allows loading up to 12 microplates inside the unit (maximum 4608 samples). Samples can be temperature-controlled with a block heating/cooling system (with dehumidifier function and 4 °C to 40 °C range) not only to refrigerated temperatures, but also to stable temperature levels near room temperature.Please contact us with complete Shimadzu autosampler details.