Sciex MPX-2 Multiplexing LC

Sciex MPX-2 Multiplexing LC
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Manufacturer:  Sciex

Data Sheet: MPX-2 Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished Sciex MPX-2 LC system complete with (5) LC-20AD XR, (2) SIL-20AC XR, (2) DGU-20A5, CTO-20AC, and PC workstation including Multiquant, Analyst & MPX setup software.  The XR components make up the high pressure version. Please also ask about the standard pressure version.

Configure the MPX-2 System with either the standard pressure Shimadzu UFLC or with high pressure UFLC XR pumps and 2 Shimadzu or a CTC HTS autosampler(s). As powerful as LC/MS/MS is, many labs want greater sample throughput and faster turn around times. The SCIEX MPX–2 System increases throughput up to 2X by multiplexing two HPLC systems into a single mass spectrometer. With on-line  sample preparation you can boost laboratory efficiency even further. The MPX-2 System is a dual-stream multiplexing solution for use with Analyst and/or Cliquid Software. It provides a single point of control to multiple HPLC systems configured for on-line sample preparation and/or concurrent LC/MS/MS analysis

*Run up to 2,300 samples unattended
*Double sample throughput from a single LC/MS/MS
*Maximize uptime with real-time system monitoring
*Increase sample capacity for extended and unattended operation

Please contact us for complete Sciex Multiplexer LC/MS/MS MPX2 details.