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AD 20

AD 20
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Data Sheet: AD20 Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished Dionex AD20 Absorbance Detector (AD 20). (p/n AD20-1) The Dionex AD20 Absorbance Detector is a dual-beam, variable wavelength photometer. Full spectral capability is provided by two light sources: a deuterium lamp for ultraviolet detection and a tungsten lamp for visible wavelength operation. The Dionex AD20 features programmable wavelength selection and automatic calibration for precision, reproducibility, and ease-of-use. May be available as part of the Dionex DX-500 system and as a stand-alone unit.

* Dual-beam optical system, fiber-optic beamsplitter and concave holographic diffraction grating
* Wavelength range 190-800 nm, 1 nm increment
* Wavelength accuracy ?