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Dionex UI20

Dionex UI20
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Dionex UI20 Data Sheet.pdf

Dionex UI20 Universal Interface. The PeakNet Chromatography Workstation consists of a personal computer, PeakNet software, and a DX LAN computer interface card. The workstation provides complete control and data processing for DX 500 systems via the DX LAN instrument network. The UI20 Universal Interface (P/N 046017) functions as the communications and control link between the workstation and other instruments, such as the DX-100 Ion Chromatograph. This enables PeakNet to collect data from any chromatographic detector with an analog output. 

The UI20 has two relays and four TTL outputs for instrument control. Four TTL inputs allow control of the UI20 via signals from other devices (autosamplers, pumps, detectors, etc.). Each UI20 supports up to two detectors, and up to two UI20s can be used with each instrument system. A single PeakNet workstation can control from one to eight instrument systems, depending on which PeakNet software model you purchase. Please contact us with complete Dionex UCI 100 HPLC details. (Dionex HPLC)