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Data Sheet:GP50 Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished Dionex GP50 (GP-50) gradient pump. (p/n GP50-2) Available as part of the Dionex DX-500 system and as a stand-alone unit (GP 50).

The GP50 Gradient Pump is an integral part of a Dionex chromatography system. It is a microprocessor-based, dual-piston, variable-speed, gradient delivery system designed to blend and pump mixtures of up to four different eluents at precisely controlled flow rates. The pump can deliver the selected eluent composition isocratically, or as a multistep linear or curved gradient. A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) provides high speed control of pump flow and pressure.

The pump can operate as a stand-alone product or with other Dionex modules as part of a complete chromatography system. It can also be used with non-Dionex modules that meet interface requirements for software, TTL, or relay control.

The GP50 can be controlled locally, using the front panel keypad and display, or from a remote host computer with a Dionex DX-LAN interface installed and PeakNet® software installed on the host computer. Limited remote control is also available from any device capable of providing compatible TTL signals to control the pump.

The pump's two basic modes of control, Direct control and Method control, enable it to operate with or without reference to time-based events. Please contact us for complete Dionex DX500 HPLC system, warranty and service contract details. (Dionex HPLC)