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Manufacturer:  Dionex

Data Sheet: PC10 Data Sheet.pdf

Dionex PC10 pneumatic controller. (p/n 45983) OPTIONAL: Dionex reagent organizer. The PC10 Postcolumn Delivery System is a simple pneumatic reagent delivery system that ensures a constant pulseless flow of reagent. Postcolumn reagent chemistries often can be used to extend the detection limits of various ions that would exhibit limited sensitivity by molecules that require postcolumn derivatization for sensitive detection. The PC10 system assures optimal flow by applying constant pressure, eliminating the need for a pump and its associated moving parts, labor, and expense.
,br/> May be available as part of the Dionex DX-500 system and as a stand-alone unit. Picture features PC10 (PC-10)(PC 10) as well as the LC30. Please contact us for complete Dionex DX500 HPLC system, warranty and service contract details. (Dionex HPLC)