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ELAN 6100 parts

ELAN 6100 parts
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Perkin Elmer

Perkin Elmer Elan 6100 ICP/MS parts

*Polyscience recirculator (p/n N0772026)
*Turbotronik NT 151/361 Pump for ICP-MS (p/n 857-18)
*Gilson peristaltic pump (available part numbers: 210777 & 10-11919)
*Leybold turbo 750 Hz (p/n 85674)
*Galileo Varian DS-602 vacuum pump (p/n 949–9335S001)
*Galileo Varian DS-302 vacuum pump (p/n 949–9325S006)
*Air filter 12X12X1
*Purolator air filter 11.75X13X1 (p/n 82542884)
*Air filter 14 – 1/8 X  13 X 3//4 ES POLY TA (SLC) (p/n 30140885)
*Sciex RS232 isolation board (p/n 016335-C)
*ETP Dual – Stage Detector IMPR (p/n 14210)
*ETP Dual – Stage Detector IMPR (p/n 14217)
*Gauge – E5000 Hot Ionization (p/n 65321244)
*Perkin Elmer Tubing Pump Three Stop Configuration 2.790X 0.850mm Purple / White/ Purple (p/n TN-G10-NU0279085)
*Red/Red 2- Stop PVC Tubing Pump Wall: 0.86mm  ID: 1.14mm (p/n 70535- 13 SC 0061)
*Orange/ blue  2- Stop PVC Tubing (p/n PT0010)
*Red/ Red 2- Stop PVC Tubin ID 1.14mm  Wall 0.80mm (p/n 2102092)
*Black / Black 2 Stop PVC Tubing ID 0.76mm (p/n PT0030SAN)
*Yellow/ Yellow 2- Stop PVC Pump Tubing ID 1.42mm (p/n 310-9090-200F)
*Orange/ blue  2- Stop Resistant Pump Tubing ID 0.25mm (p/n PT0010R)
*Red/ Red 2- Stop Sol flex Tubin Pump ID 0.045 (p/n 14190142)
*Orange/ Red 2- Stop ISMATEC TYG Tubin id 0.19MM (0.0075”) (p/n 95601-10)
*Black / Black 2 Stop PVC Tubin ID 0.32mm (p/n PT0030)
*Yellow/Blue 2 stop resistant pump tubing ID 1.52mm (p/n PT0060R)
*ASSY Ring Centering – Alum ST14L1 (p/n 09908664)
*Swagetok SS-PB8- TAB (p/n R1BDE0130B)
*SS Simple Probe W/o Tubing  03A-09 (p/n 30178779/ 200)
*Polyethylene Tubing .58mm X .99mm 3.0m (p/n 09908265)

Please contact us for complete Perkin Elmer ICP Mass Spectrometer parts details.