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Polyscience ICP Chiller

Polyscience ICP Chiller
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Refurbished Polyscience Chiller for ICP & ICP/MS. Available part numbers: N0772026 & N0772025. Chillers provide clean, reliable temperature controlled fluid for open tanks or closed loop cooling. Digital Set and Readout. Operating temperature is continuously displayed to 0.1° C. The display readout is selectable in degrees C or F. Precise Temperature Control Temperatures are maintained to +/-0.5° C. Operating Temperature -15° to 40° C. Cooling Capacity at 20° C is 2850 Watts.  Part No. N0772026 (208-230 V, 60 Hz,8 A) Part No. N0772025 (220-240 V, 50 Hz, 8.5 A) Please contact us for complete refurbished Polyscience Recirculator/Chiller details.