2100T & 3900

Mass Spectrometer
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Manufacturer:  Varian

Data Sheet: Saturn 2100 Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished Varian Saturn 2100T GC/MSn ion trap with turbomolecular pump (m/n SATPRO1) complete with Varian CP-8400/CP8400 autosampler (100 x 2 mL vials), Varian 3900 GC-gas chromatograph (compact column oven (5.5L) with up to 7 ramps per method), Varian DS 102 rotary-vane pump, new PC, Varian Scanview 7.0 software, Varian MS Workstation 6.2 software and manuals.

MASS RANGE: 10 to 650 u. MS/MS: Patented Modulated Resonant dissociation provides chromatographic spectral consistency and wide dynamic range. Patented non-Resonant dissociation provides spectral consistency and wide dynamic range, as well as additional spectral information via cascading. FULL SPECTRUM SCAN RATE: Up to 10 Hz, depending upon mass range selected. IONIZATION MODE: Electron Ionization Standard, Chemical Ionization Optional.

The ion trap mass spectrometer has a reliable, simple internal ionization analyzer with Standard EI full scan operation. Programmed acquisition enables PC controlled changes between all modes of operation (EI to CI and MS to MS/MS). Please contact us for complete Varian 2100 Saturn and Varian 3900 ion trap GC/MS system, warranty and service contract details (GCMS/GC MS).