4000 QTRAP

Mass Spectrometer
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Manufacturer:  Sciex

Data Sheet: 4000 QTrap Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished Sciex 4000 Q-Trap LC/MS/MSn mass spectrometer System complete with V source, ESI probe, MS30 vacuum pump, Analyst 1.6.2 software and new Dell Optiplex 9020 PC workstation. (Mass Resolution >3000 at m/z 609 at 250 amu/sec)

OPTIONAL: Shimadzu/Sciex MPX-2 high throughput LC, Multiquant 3.0 software with MRM (p/n 5026907), Nanospray II source, APCI source, Bioanalyst software, Pro ID software, Pro ICAT software, Harvard syringe pump (p/n 55-5920 & 70-2208) and 1D Plus Nano LC system consisting of ABI tempo nanopump & autosampler with cooling. (LC powered by Eksigent) 

The 4000 Q TRAP mass spec system provides true triple quadrupole multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) at the highest level of sensitivity, as well as extended dynamic range, ensuring superior quantitation performance for both small molecules and peptides. The highest sensitivity neutral loss and precursor ion scans and enhanced multiply charged scan can be used in flexible combinations to enable information-rich, high throughput workflows. Automated LC/MS/MS workflows using Information Dependent Acquisition (IDA) provide the framework for deriving maximum information from every experiment. When used with the 4000 Q TRAP system's powerful mixed scan modes, IDA lets you focus on specific ions of interest for increased productivity. Please contact us for complete used/refurbished ABI QTRAP 4000/ 4000 QTRAP mass spectrometer system, warranty and service contract details (Q TRAP 4000/Q-TRAP 4000/Sciex QTRAP 4000 mass spec).