AB Sciex 4600 TripleTOF

Mass Spectrometer
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Manufacturer:  AB/Sciex

Refurbished AB Sciex 4600 TripleTOF (p/n 4466003) for AMCR APPS complete with duospray source (combines TurboIonSpray with APCI) (p/n 1029557K), Dell PC Workstation (Analyst TF 1.6, MultiQuant 2.1.1), and Sogevac SV40B1 roughing pump (p/n 960331V3005) (SV 40/65 BIFC). Ask about Swath mass spec capability. Ask about adding a Shimadzu XR high pressure UPLC.

CDS Calibration Delivery system (p/n 1039623) (fully automated isocratic pumping system with 2 integrated valves, a 7-port valve and a 6-port valve for delivery of calibration and tuning solutions to the DuoSpray source for high flow applications on accurate mass platforms. (AB Calibrant Delivery system p/n ISG-002019). The AB/Sciex TOF is a high performance accurate mass spectrometer appropriate for applied markets and clinical research applications. Please contact us for complete warranty, service contract and used/refurbished AB/Sciex 4600 TOF system details. (Sciex 5017445/AB Sciex Tripletof/Swath AB Sciex)