Mass Spectrometer
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Manufacturer:  AB/Sciex

Data Sheet: API 3000 Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished AB/Sciex API 3000 LC/MS/MS system (p/n 18444) complete with turbo ion spray source (p/n 019296), heated probe (p/n 014368), heated nebulizer (p/n 019295), bracket injector, external roughing pump, 10 L waste bottle, vacuum hose, Analyst PC workstation, GPIB interface card with cable, DIGI interface board p/n 5001136-01 (accommodates up to 8 external devices LC etc. by Analyst) with 8-channel cable p/n 63000205-01A, 19" Dell Monitor, keyboard and mouse.

OPTIONAL: Harvard Apparatus Pump II (p/n 55-1199-95-240), APCI source (p/n 019295), ABI 3000 stainless steel custom table, line conditioner, gas valve regulator, FAIMS source (p/n 120410-01A), & National Instruments SCB-68 HPLC interface.

The API 3000 is a triple quadropole mass spectrometer with a mass range of 5-3000 m/z. Count on the API 3000 for increased productivity, and consistent and reliable high-quality results. Unsurpassed sensitivity- new ion optics and pumping technology ensure the lowest limits of detection (LOD) and quantitation (LOQ) on even the most difficult matrices. Unparalleled MS/MS performance- revolutionary LINAC technology provides the fastest scan times without compromising sensitivity or mass spectral quality. Greater throughput- rapid method development for the routine analysis of hundreds of samples per day. Please contact us for complete used and refurbished ABI/API 3000 mass spectrometer system, warranty and service contract details. (ABI 3000) (available part numbers: 018444, 1009665 & 029346)