ABI 4800

Mass Spectrometer
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Manufacturer:  Applied Biosystems

Data Sheet:ABI 4800 data sheet.pdf

Refurbished Applied Biosystems 4800 MALDI TOF/TOF analyzer complete with 4800 MALDI TOF/TOF Analyzer Data Station, Dell PC Workstation, Video Capture Card, Windows XP OS, 4000 Series Explorer software, GPS Explorer DataStation including MASCOT Search Engine, DS-102 roughing pump w/ cables, (2) 19" LCD flat monitors, and manuals. OPTIONAL: Eksigent 2D Nano LC.

The ABI 4800 is a tandem time-of-flight MS/MS system, providing not only peptide identification but peptide sequencing. MALDI stands for Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization but the real jewel of the system is the dual time of flight mass analyzers. The high level of sensitivity allows for fewer laser shots, conserving precious samples but detecting peptides missed by other systems. The MALDI TOF/TOF has such high through-put, hundreds of samples can be analyzed within minutes.

The ABI 4800 offers a new level of sensitivity and efficiency for proteomics workflows. The 4800 MALDI TOF/TOF Analyzer combines the Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX joint venture's breakthrough TOF/TOF optics technology with the novel OptiBeam on-axis laser, which increases the number of ions directed into the ion path to achieve the dramatic increase in sensitivity. Additionally, the enhanced QuanTIS precursor ion allows users to more specifically isolate the precursor ions designated for MS/MS, thus achieving more accurate and easier-to-interpret results.

Proprietary iTRAQ and ICAT reagents, which are fully compatible with the new 4800 MALDI TOF/TOF Analyzer, further enable biomarker discovery by permitting relative and absolute protein quantitation. The increased sensitivity and expanded dynamic range of the analyzer yields high-confidence protein identifications, enables multiplex studies with the use of the iTRAQ reagents, and enables true results-dependent analysis results with or without tagging chemistry, such as ICAT reagents. Please contact us for complete warranty, service contract and used/refurbished Applied Biosystems 4800 system details. (Sciex 4800)