ABI QStar Elite

Mass Spectrometer
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Manufacturer:  Applied Biosystems

Data Sheet: QSTAR Elite Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished ABI Q-Star Elite high-performance, hybrid quadrupole Time-of-Flight (TOF) (p/n 1017064) mass spectrometer for high resolution and high mass accuracy measurements. The Applied Biosystems/ABI QSTAR Elite is complete with turbo ionspray source (p/n 019296 G), vacuum pump (p/n 022832), manuals, and PC with Analyst, Protein Pilot and Markerview software. Ask about Eksigent Tempo nanoLC/nano LC & other LC options available.

OPTIONAL: NanoSpray II source (p/n 1014665) (with two mounted cameras), Nanospray source (p/n 1003758) with cameras, Applied Biosystems
Metabolite ID 1.3 for Analyst QS 2.0 Software (p/n 1020463), Vici M6 LHS M6 developmental V-1.0.4b (p/n I-PD-C2A), & SIIG RU LCT- D94V-0  MCD-1510A 14.7456MHZ TQG 3XT Board (p/n P030-62). Please contact us for complete Applied Biosystems QSTAR Elite details.