API 3200MD

API 3200MD
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Manufacturer:  AB/Sciex

​Refurbished AB/Sciex API 3200MD LC/MS/MS mass spectrometer system (p/n 5024501) complete with turbo V source (p/n 5031502), turboionspray probe, HS602 vacuum pump, Peak Genius NM3G nitrogen generator, custom table, boost transformer, Windows 7 Analyst MD 1.6.2 PC workstation, Cliquid MD 3.2.1 software, Multiquant MD 3.0.1 software, Dell 23" monitor,and manuals. Also, including refurbished Shimadzu 20 Series XR UHPLC complete with SIL-20ACXR autosampler (p/n 228-45136-42), (2) LC-20ADXR pumps (p/n 228-45137-42), DGU-20A5 degasser (p/n 228-45019-58), CBM-20A controller (p/n 228-45012-42), CTO-20AC column oven (p/n 228-45010-42), 100uL mixer, reservoir tray, and solvent bottles. OPTIONAL: APCI source (p/n 5013600C-ETL) & Peak Scientific NM-3G nitrogen generator (NM3G).

Mass range: 5 to 2000 m/z. 
AB SCIEX 3200 MD series delivers the power of mass spectrometry for adoption in hospitals and clinical labs. The Sciex 3200MD can be used to analyze trace levels of multiple compounds in human samples for diagnostic purposes. Please contact us for complete used/refurbished ABI 3200MD (API 3200) system, warranty and service contract details. (Sciex 3200 mass spec).