LCMS 5001

LCMS 5001
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Manufacturer:  Parker/Balston

Data Sheet: Tri-gas Generator Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished Parker Balston LCMS 5001 Trigas Generator (p/n LCMS-5001NTNA) with Watts Fluidair Pressure Range 0/125 300PSIG Maximum inlet (p/n R184-02CP) and manual. The Parker Balston Source 5000 Tri Gas Generators are completely engineered systems designed to transform ordinary compressed air into pure nitrogen for curtain gas, pure zero grade air as gas-1/gas-2 source gases and dry -40°F dew point air as source exhaust. This system is designed to produce gases which meet and exceed the requirements of any LC/MS requiring three independent gases. Please contact us for complete Parker Balston nitrogen generator details.