LCQ Deca XP Max

LCQ Deca XP Max
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Manufacturer:  Thermo Finnigan

Refurbished Thermo Finnigan LCQ Deca XP Max LC/MSn complete with nanospray source, ESI source, and Xcalibur PC workstation. OPTIONAL: Nano ESI Housing & probe, Eksigent NanoLC 1D-500 (p/n nlc-1d-500) with Spark 920 autosampler, Thermo Finnigan Surveyor autosampler(p/n srvyr-as) and pump (p/n srvyr-mpump), Peak Scientific Nitrogen Generator NM30LA.

Mass wide range and high resolution, fast scanning speed, 3D-Ion trap of MS called Benchmarking LCQ Deca XP PLUS is a high-capacity cells for a fast and accurate analysis, by providing Proteomics and Method Pharmacy, Metabolism and research scholars to the most appropriate System.

Mass Range: m/z 15 to 4000 amu
Scan Power: MSn, for n = 1 to 10
MS / MS Sensitivity: 50:1
Resolution: @ Normal Unit mass scan, 10000 @ HR (FWHM)
Scan Speed: 28 ~ 66000 amu / sec
Multiple systems available.

Please contact us for complete Deca Max system, warranty and service contract details.