LCQ Parts

LCQ Parts
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Thermo LCQ Parts *Power supply, 8 kV, 100 μA, without bracket (ESI/APCI)(p/n 97000-98041)
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Manufacturer:  Thermo Finnigan

Used & Refurbished Thermo Finnigan LCQ Classic & Deca Parts

*LCQ Classic front octapole (p/n 97000-60016)
*Q0 for LCQ Classic & Deca
*Waveform/DDS (p/n 97000-61430)
*ISA Backplane (p/n 97000-21320)
*LCQ Classic system control board (p/n 97000-61350)
*LCQ Deca XP Plus EPC valve (p/n DENB3628028)
*LCQ Deca control board (p/n 97044-61010 & 97144-61015)
*Cathode/Electron Multiplier (p/n 00022-02400)
*Multiplier with mounting kit (p/n 96000-60036)
*RF control board (p/n 96000-61100) for LCQ Classic
*Inlet capillaries
*Heated capillary
*GPIB/IEEE 488 I/O Panel (p/n 97000-61420)
*SMC board (p/n 00E029-527C3)
*RF Control Board (p/n 96000- 21100)
*ISA BACKPLANE Board (p/n 97000-213)
*Acquisition Dsp. (p/n 97000-61260)
*Waveform/ DDS Board (p/n 97000- 61430)
*97345-60008 board
*RF Amplifier board
*RF Waveform board
*RF Coil board
*Gas controller p/n DEMB3628028
*LCQ Deca XP embedded CPU board (Teknor p/n 1820FA#_2-91)
*DC power supply p/n 00012-24321
*RF Low Pass Filter board
*Top Cover PCB board (p/n 97033-061051)
*Divert valve and controlling electronics (part number 97000-60159)
*Nanospray source for LCQ Deca
*API stack
*Convectron Gauge p/n A12098
*Vent Valve p/n A2211-S13
*Power supply, 8 kV, 100 μA, without bracket (ESI/APCI)(p/n 97000-98041)
*Auxilliary RF PCB board
*Convectron Gauge (p/n A12098)
*Vent Valve (p/n A2211-S13)
*Wave Form Amplifier Board (p/n 96000-61110)
*Switched BaSlun PCB Board (p/n 97033-61060)
*Top Cover Analizer PCB Board (p/n 97033-6105)
*LCQ RF Amplifier Board (p/n 96000-61090)
Please note that if you do not see a part number listed, please contact us as we may have it in-stock. (LCQ Classic Parts/LCQ Deca Parts)