LTQ Orbitrap

LTQ Orbitrap
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Manufacturer:  Thermo Scientific

Refurbished Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap mass spectrometer complete with ion max source, ESI probe, XCalibur 2.0 PC workstaion, chiller and Edwards E2M30 roughing pumps. OPTIONAL: Nano Spray Probe, Michrom Bioresources CaptiveSpray ion source (p/n SS2/00003/00) (Thermo CS, LTQ XL, FT, Orbitrap), XCalibur 2.2 with Windows 7, & Bioworks software.

-Robust Accurate Mass
* 3 ppm rms external calibration
* 1 ppm rms internal calibration

-High Resolution
* Mass resolution > 60,000 at m/z 400 at 1 scan per sec
* Maximum Resolution > 100,000 (FWHM)

-Mass Range 50-2000; 200-4000u
-Sub-fmol Sensitivity (LC/MS)
-MS/MS and MSn
-High Dynamic Range > 2,500 within mass spectrum
-Throughput 3 High resolution scans/second or 4 scans per second parallel (1 HR Orbitrap scan + 3 LR LTQ MS/MS scans)

The LTQ Orbitrap combines the best of linear ion trap technology in the LTQ, with the Orbitrap mass analyzer, which provides high mass accuracy and resolution for both MS and MSn spectra. The LTQ Orbitrap routinely runs with 60,000 resolution (m/z 400) with mass accuracy <5 ppm, and scans up to m/z 2000. For special projects, the systems can run at 100,000 resolution with <2 ppm accuracy and scan up to m/z 4000. With multiple charges, proteins up to 35 kDa can be easily analyzed with ±1 Da accuracy. Please contact us for complete refurbished/used mass spectrometer system, warranty and service contract details. (Thermo Orbitrap)