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Manufacturer:  Peak

Parts for Peak NM20ZA nitrogen generator. OPTIONAL: Thomas Thermally Protected Compressors Pumps (M/N 2750TGHI52/48-A04 & M/N 2628THI44/32-A02). The NM20ZA Nitrogen Generator has been designed specifically to operate API LC/MS analysers by producing the required flow rates, purities and pressures for curtain, source and exhaust gas with just one generator.

The NM20ZA has been tried, tested and approved by the Manufacturer of API LC/MS/MS. Quiet in operation, the nitrogen generators utilise separation technology to selectively remove oxygen, moisture and other gases to leave clean, dry, phthalate free nitrogen. With its 2 internal air compressor the NM20ZA offers a stand-alone solution for your laboratory gas requirements.

NM20ZA Technical Specification
Curtain Gas (Nitrogen): 5L/min @ 60psi
Source Gas (Zero Air): 22L/min @ 100psi
Exhaust Gas (Air): 8L/min @ 60psi
Outlet Pressure: System Set
Nitrogen Pressure Dewpoint: -40 °C/-40°F
Particles: < 0.01 µm
Suspended Liquids: None
Outlets: 3x 1/4"
Pressure Gauges: 3
Phthalates: None
Internal Air Compressor: Yes
Noise Level: 59db(A)
Electrical Requirements: 230v 50/60Hz 5.0A
Dimensions WxDxH: 94x67x60cm / 37x27x24ins
Weight: 120kg / 265lbs

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